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In vitro toxicity tests

for cosmetic actives and raw materials

BIO-HC helps you highlight your new ingredient by evaluating the toxicity of your cosmetic ingredients and raw material
Our in vitro toxicity studies for cosmetic
Skin irritation tests
OECD 439, reconstructed human epidermis,...
Skin corrosivity tests
OECD 431, reconstructed human epidermis, ...
Ocular corrosivity tests
OECD 460, OCDE 491, MDCK cell model, ...
Ocular irritation tests
OECD 492, Human corneal epithelium, ...
HET CAM test
Hen's egg test-chorioallantoic membrane
Systemic toxicity
OECD 129, 3T3NRU cell model, ...
Phototoxicity tests
OECD 432, 3T3 cell model, ...
Sensitization tests
Equal OECD 442C, OECD 442E, IL-18, ...

Our models

Our team works with a wide range of models to evaluate the toxicity of new active ingredients and raw material. From the most basic unit of living things, the single cell, to the complex tissues of reconstructed epidermis, our experienced teams help you choose the test method that’s right for you.


By using cellular models to serve your testing needs, we analyze the toxicity of your ingredients rapidly, while respecting OECD guidelines and GLP conditions.

Reconstructed human epidermis

Skin and eye tissue models enable you to test the safety of your ingredients and raw materials in compliance with OECD guidelines and GLP conditions.

The BIO-HC difference


Whatever your current R&D focus, we offer testing services selected to meet your needs and specifications, providing a pertinent solution.


Flexible scheduling enables BIO-HC to analyze your samples within the desired timeframe. Call today to ask about deadline feasibility.


Certified GLP, BIO-HC has the scientific competence it takes to serve your R&D needs and develop its own research models.

Ask for a quote

Aloïs, Technical and commercial Affairs
A trained scientist and management graduate, Aloïs will help you define your needs and answer any questions you may have to launch a study that best suits your needs and budget.

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