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In vitro efficacy tests

of cosmetic actives and finished products

BIO-HC provides cosmetic claim support by demonstrating in-vitro efficacy of your finished products and cosmetic ingredients
Our in vitro efficacy models for cosmetic
Hydration in vitro tests
Aquaporins, hyaluronic acid, hyaluronidase, ...
Skin permeability in vitro tests
skin barrier function
Cell growth in vitro tests
Cell density, growth, ...
Cell differentiation in vitro tests
Involucrin, filaggrin, E-cadherin, transglutaminase, ...
Anti-apoptosis in vitro tests
DNA fragmentation, caspase activity, ...
Anti-DNA damage in vitro tests
UVA, UVB, genoprotectiveactivity, DNA repair, CPD, 6-4PP, ...
Anti-glycation activity
caspase activity, AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products), ...
Dermal regeneration in vitro tests
collagen type I and III, elastin, fibronectin, MMP-1 Extracellular Matrix degradation, ...
Dermo-epidermal junction in vitro tests
laminin production, collagen IV and VII
Antioxidants activity in vitro tests
UVB, DCFH, ROS, lipid peroxidation, MDA, radical superoxide, ...
Anti-pollution in vitro tests
diesel particulate matter, ozon, VOC, heavy metals, ...
Soothing activity in vitro tests
inflammatory mediators, interleukines, LOX, COX, I-CAM-1, ...
Energy metabolism in vitro tests
ATP, ADP, mitochondrial cellular metabolism, ...
Hair protection in vitro tests
hair growth activation, FGF-7, Wnt/béta-caténine, ROS, ...
Anti-ageing in vitro tests
Dermoprotection, ROS, MMP, procollagen, proteasome, ...
Anti-stress in vitro tests
Oxidation, ATP, ROS, HSP70, TRPV1, ...
Skin pigmentation tests
Tyrosinase activity, melanin level, melanosome transfer, ...
Anti-acne in vitro tests
TNF-alpha; 5alpha-reductase activity, sebocytes ...
Tensing and firming in vitro tests
dynamic properties of fibroblasts
Adipose tissue regulation in vitro tests
slimming efficacy, lipolytic activity, ...

Our models

Our team works with a wide range of models to evaluate the efficacy of active ingredients and finished products. From the most basic unit of living things, the single cell, to the complex tissues of skin explants, our experienced teams help you choose the test method that’s right for you.


From monolayer to coculture, our cell culture experience enables us to assess the efficacy of your active ingredient using a number of different models. Are you looking for a specific model to test your active ingredient ? Connect with our experts. We adapt our methods to fit your needs.”

Reconstructed human epidermis

Reconstructed epidermis models provide a superior support for assessing the efficacy of your ingredients and formulated products. Simple or full-thickness, pigmented or not, reconstructed tissues are an ideal solution for your efficacy testing needs.

human skin explants

Even closer to your target, human skin explants are tissues taken directly from donors. They enable you to assess the efficacy of your cosmetic product on a complete and unique model.

The BIO-HC difference


Whatever your current R&D focus, we offer testing services selected to meet your needs and specifications, providing a pertinent solution.


Our scientific team puts 20 years of collective skills and knowledge at your service.


Certified GLP, BIO-HC has the scientific competence it takes to serve your R&D needs and develop its own research models” *eligible for French Research Tax Credit

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Aloïs, Technical and commercial Affairs
A trained scientist and management graduate, Aloïs will help you define your needs and answer any questions you may have to launch a study that best suits your needs and budget.